Urban mobility knowledge exchange with Latin America

June 27, 2019

Corporate bike-sharing? More like expertise sharing this time 😉

Yesterday we had an awesome opportunity to share our vision with Latin America. Thanks to Switzerland Global Enterprise & Empa, Urban Connect AG together with other Swiss start-ups in the urban mobility sector managed to showcase their business initiatives aiming to solve a bigger social problem. 🚗💨


The Latin American megapolis of Bogotá (Colombia) ranked as the city with the longest traffic delays in the world, where drivers loose an average of 272 (🥵) hours per year due to traffic jams.


Switzerland is an innovative country regarding urban mobility. There's enough space on Swiss trains for almost the entire population of Iceland, offering a total seating capacity of 291,000. Swiss city infrastructure is increasingly becoming more accommodating for cyclists & pedestrians, and not cars.


We hope that the know-how of presenting companies will help rethink and redesign the approach to human transportation in Latin America.

UNICEF Cycling for children event was a blast

June 15, 2019

This Saturday Urban Connect took part in a wonderful initiative organised by UNICEF Schweiz und Liechtenstein.

‘Cycling for children’ is an annual event happening in Switzerland where multiple companies, families and private parties cycle to raise awareness of the socio-economic challenges underprivileged kids are facing nowadays as well as to raise funds and tackle the issue.

We are excited to have taken part in this action on Greifensee and met likeminded companies and families 🚲💨

Here are the Swiss woman-led start-ups

June 09, 2019

Female leadership isn’t a buzzword in our office. In fact, it is a day to day reality that guides us to achieve new milestones, deliver and prosper at the workplace.

It warms our hearts that not only Urban Connect AG has a power woman in charge. Many other companies like Ava Women, Travelise, WeAct AG, AgroSustain SA embrace female pilotage on a daily basis, Swiss-wide.

According to the research done by Swisscom & Startupticker.ch each year more and more women in Switzerland opt for transforming their entrepreneurial aspirations into reality. Should it be fintech or education, agrotech or fashion, biotech or entertainment, - you may find motivated women-leaders in each business sector. Check out this👇 interactive map of woman-led companies in Switzerland. Is yours on the list? 🦸🏻‍♀️

HILTI e-bike fleet rollout - we are stoked! 🥳

May 26, 2019

Red hot e-bike fleet rollout happening today in Schaan! We are excited to welcome Hilti Group to the family! Have you seen a corporate mobility solution more beautiful than this one ? 😍


Premium quality vehicles, corporate branding, spacious and robust bike panniers to carry your belongings, phone holders for your GPS convenience, smart locking and booking system with our Urban Connect App, 3-sized helmets, around-the-working-week customer support, urgent and regular maintenance and many more perks.


Freedom of mobility, absolute flexibility, better concentration and reduced late appearances as well as improved fitness of employees are some of the benefits Hilti Group is about to experience. We cannot wait to accompany you on this ride!

Unlock 🔓🚲 your potential with Urban Connect

May 16, 2019

Barely a month ago our team was performing the final tests on our brand new LOCKING SOLUTION and today we are proud to showcase you this innovation that excites.

Seamless, digital, simple.

A matter of one click ☝️! Just BIKE, YOU and THE VIEW! (…and Urban Connect App on your phone 😉😅)


We thoroughly analysed feedback from our clients and took into account requests and wishes of our beloved users. Our new framelock solution ensures maximum bike safety, liberates you from dealing with cable locks and saves you time especially if that meeting with the executive board is to start in 3min 😬🏃🏻‍♀️💨

If you are considering to launch a 🚲 initiative at your company, it’s your chance to benefit from our innovative solution. Our team will gladly provide you with e-bikes and take you for a test-ride around the city as well as explain every aspect of our offering. It’s high time to rethink your corporate mobility! Contact us today! 🚲

UC at the GAM Client Conference on emerging innovations for a better world 2019

May 15, 2019

We are absolutely stoked about our yesterday's experience at the GAM Client Conference 2019 in Rüschlikon. Stunning presentations about urban mobility, future development of cities and food left us inspired and even more motivated to push towards sustainable future and impact-driven business solutions.


We couldn't thank GAM Investments and RFS more for letting us present our vision and soak up the expertise of the amazing Steve Westly, indulge in savvy smart city insights delivered by the brilliant Dr. Felix Klanner and Dr. Horst Kloeden, try plant-based Swiss cheese, vegan scrambled eggs as well as enjoy every other equally amazing speech of this event. Here's to the brighter future!


🚲 Changing the way we commute to work! 🚲

4 steps to claim back our cities

April 14, 2019

Have you already seen the article about us on Xing? If not, here's a preview :)


The article includes an interview with our beautiful CEO, Judith Häberli, talking about the human transportation challenges in cities, the growing number of single occupancy vehicles 🚗 and the way we can claim urban space back. She defines 4 steps in achieving urban space composure. What are these 4 steps? Find out here 👇

Urban Connect - innovating for sustainability

April 02, 2019

Der globale Transportsektor befindet sich im Umbruch. Mit über 1,2 Milliarden Autos, die heute auf den Strassen unterwegs sind und fast ein Viertel der weltweiten CO2-Emissionen ausmachen, ist der Sektor mit steigenden sozialen und ökologischen Kosten konfrontiert, was ein grundlegendes Umdenken der städtischen Mobilitätssysteme erfordert.


In einer Welt des exponentiellen Wandels wird der urbane Verkehr bereits heute durch ein Zusammenwirken von Faktoren wie Elektrifizierung, autonomes Fahren und dem Internet der Dinge (IoT) verändert. So arbeiten beispielsweise eine Reihe von Start-ups an autonomen Elektroautos, intelligenten Autonetzen, Carsharing Plattformen, Angeboten zur gemeinsamen Nutzung von Fahrrädern, Scootern und vielem mehr.


Auf der Veranstaltung 'Zukunft der urbanen Mobilität: Städte für Menschen entwickeln' haben wir unsere Lösung für das oben genannte Problem vorgestellt. Lies mehr darüber, wie andere Unternehmen der Mobilitätsbranche das Problem angehen 👇

Transformamus 2019 - wir sind dabei

March 19, 2019

The Summit on Business Transformation - Transformamus 2019 - was a great success and absolute joy to participate in. Plenary lectures as well as breakout sessions on health, mobility, e-commerce, innovation, leadership and culture were full of latest insights delivered by top speakers from business and science. 

Urban Connect was honoured to talk about the future of urban mobility and its approach to such pressing issue as urban traffic congestion. Find out more about the event here 👇

Urban Innovation Hackathon 2018

November 22, 2018

In November we had the chance to take part in the Urban Innovation Hackathon in Zurich. We were honored to share our sustainable mobility solution with other Startups and politicians, exchange ideas and get to know a lot of innovative solutions for modern cities and smart cities. 

Meilleurduweb Award 2018

November 21, 2019

We are so excited to announce that we won two more cubes in the categories "UX" and "mobile" together with Liip at the Meilleur du web Award 2018! Big thank you to Liip and the whole Urban Connect team for making this happen. 

Swiss Nobel laureate Jacques Dubochet: Reversing global warming by Drawdown Switzerland

November 12, 2018

Global Warming and how to decelerate or even reverse it, has become one of the central challenges of the 21st century. On the 13th of November 2018, Urban Connect had the chance to present its sustainable mobility solution on stage at the Ecole Internationale de Geneve. Also, we had the honor to experience the incredible speech of Professor Jacques Dubochet, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2017, about "Science-Based Solutions to Global Warming". 
A big thank you to Drawdown for having us at this amazing event!

Best of Swiss Enterprise 2018

November 08, 2018

Together with Liip, we won gold in the category Enterprise and Bronze in the category Business Innovation at the Best of Swiss Apps Award 2018!
The Jury says
"Urban Connect" is exciting from A to Z. The app is simple and functional, and the innovative business model is well thought out! The value chain relies on locally anchored partners and extends to the customer's employees.

Urban Connect makes mobility with e-bikes more ecological and cost-effective and offers its B2B customers a complete service from evaluation of use to prompt maintenance."

Best of Swiss Apps 2018

October 24, 2018

We are thrilled to be nominated for the "Best of Swiss Apps 2018" Award!
Our APP makes it possible to book bikes straightly from the smartphone and to manage bookings intuitively. Big thanks to our partners at Liip.

EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women - our CEO represents Urban Connect

October 08, 2018

WMN PWR is what greatly defines our business conduct.

Our CEO, Judith Häberli, had an honour to participate in the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women 2018/19 program that identifies successful women entrepreneurs around the world whose businesses show real potential to scale and provides them with the support, resources and access to help accelerate their growth.

We are beyond thankful to the organisers and participants for the coaching experience and valuable business insights. Think big and be bold 🦸🏻‍♀️

Excited to share our vision of future mobility and how we try to ease urban traffic stress via B2B E-bike shares

September 26, 2018

Is the company car fleet a thing of the past? Judith Häberli, co-founder and CEO of Urban Connect, which offers all-in-one bicycle fleet solutions for corporate clients in Switzerland, tells Martina Fuchs on this edition of Going Green that the next phase in urban mobility is all about e-bikes and e-scooters. “I think we will move to integrated platforms,” she says. “We will no longer see a car as our asset, but it’s going to be a service.”

Zurich Versicherung ist auch dabei!

May 15, 2018

Honoured to announce that Zurich Insurance has partnered with us to provide their employees with these stylish, comfortable & fast vehicles to facilitate their commutes and save time in traffic. It's #biketowork season, everyone! Have you joined the movement already?

Our application is now in 4 languages!

March 20, 2018

Urban Connect application is going quadrilingual! From now Deutsch, Français, Italiano and English are at your biking convenience. 

Brand new corporate e-bikes for Urban Connect

March 11, 2018

Check out our brand-new URBAN CONNECT CORPORATE BIKES. These raspberry-coloured matte e-bikes help us practice what we preach. Catch us riding in style and with comfort around Zurich.  We are changing the way you commute to work!

Don't be jealous! You can have a fleet of those beautiful stallions, too! Just contact us to get to know more about our offering!

Urban Connect has started operating in Lausanne!

March 07, 2018

This week has been quite prolific for us! We had a roll-out of the next fleet with our new client - Genohm. These high-speed (45 km/h) e-bikes are now to ride around Lausanne and please the eye with their simple and practical design. Genohm's biking initiative is a great proof of no matter how big or small your company is, -- the forward-looking approach to your corporate mobility means is a key to fit and healthy employees as well as efficient time management. 

Ready, set, go! We are launching new e-bike fleets!

March 01, 2018

Today we are excited to share great news with you, guys! We just launched another e-bike fleet with Google Switzerland! The new branded 30 e-bikes are about to start serving the Googlers in their daily commute game and bring them to different meeting destinations around Zurich.  

New Year, new cities! Lausanne and Bern will experience a taste of our services in 2018!

January 09, 2018

We are excited to start the year and ready to conquer new heights in 2018. Currently we are searching for a team of mechanics in Lausanne and Bern fluent in e-bike maintenance with some knowledge of English and/or German and a friendly, outgoing work culture.  We would greatly appreciate your help in finding those lovely people. Write us an email if you think you are a part of that wanted team or if you simply have any recommendations for us. Let's pedal into 2018 together;)

Urban Connect software tool to take care of your whole corporate mobility fleet

December 28, 2017

There are less than 2 weeks left till our brand new intelligent solution for fleet management is ready! Our team is excited for the launch and can't wait to deliver it to our clients! Sleek design, easy to use interface, wide range of managerial options, seamless application and pleasurable user experience - this is all you have been waiting for!

Stay tuned and subscribe to our social media channels in order not to miss the upcoming announcements! The first Urban Connect official event, our new office, new clients and their fleets, complete brand transformation and many other juicy promos! Urban Connect - #biketowork with us! 

20 MINUTEN berichtet über unsere komplette E-Bike Flottenlösungen für Firmenkunden

November 13, 2017

20 Minuten, die Schweizer Zeitung mit über 1 Million Lesern, hat unsere Dienstleistungen in ihrem Artikel vorgestellt. Lesen Sie ein Interview mit unserer Geschäftsführerin - Judith Ruttmann-Häberli - und lassen Sie sich von den Unternehmen inspirieren, die E-Bikes bereits als Mobilitätskonzept verfolgen! 

Velo-Förderung bei Google oder wie Urban Connect gratis Veloverleih für Google Mitarbeitende einrichtet

November 07, 2017

'Über den Velo-Service von Urban Connect können Mitarbeitende E-Bikes und Citybikes gratis ausleihen – für den Arbeitsweg oder zwischen den beiden Zürcher Standorten.' - berichtet az Limmattaler Zeitung und wir können nicht anders als zustimmen und diesen tollen Artikel mit unserem Publikum teilen!

Unser großartiger Kunde und langjähriger Partner Google Schweiz öffnet seine Türen für die Menschen, die neugierig darauf sind, was Google für seine Mitarbeiter bietet.

Erhalten Sie einen wunderbaren Einblick in die Arbeitsumgebung eines durchschnittlichen Googler, indem Sie diesen Artikel lesen! Wir sind stolz darauf, ein Teil dieses Ökosystems zu sein und vergnügliche Pendlererlebnisse für Googlers zu schaffen!

Our successful cooperation with Liip

November 02, 2017

A few months ago we decided to partner with Liip in order to create a brand-new advanced tech solution for smart management and booking of our services: a mobile application and a fleet management system. 

Read the summary of our cooperation in this article and get to know the teamwork! 

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